Dear Mum

“Dear mum” is a photography exhibition by Precinct Galvez-Soto.

Galvez-Soto is showcasing 9 photographs and accompanying letters, addressed to his mum who is currently affected by dementia, to let her know everything he wants to tell her but has not said due to the mental health issues she has suffered throughout her life. The exhibition shows 9 life-defining moments of Galvez-Soto´s life; from when his mum try to kill him when he was 7 years old to his various suicide attempts, with special focus on drugs, sex and the Manchester gay scene.

My project will follow the creative process of “Dear mum”, from the beginning, through the creation to the opening of the exhibition. Galvez-Soto will be interviewed to discuss his aims of his exhibition and to understand his motivation behind the project. Through this documentary, I will expose the raw emotion behind the 9 photographs, understanding their significance and how they impacted his life.