Live is a short film that explores the relationship between an individual’s online persona and their personality in ‘real’ life.

Live explores a new way to tell stories; to create cinema and make viewers feel they are watching the events unfold live.

Facebook realised a live video streaming feature in January 2016.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company describes this feature as “A fun, powerful way to connect with your followers and create new ones along the way” It is open to everyone, as you can “set your broadcast to Public if it’s something you want the whole world to know about” Therefore, Facebook now allows everyone to stream part of their lives in real time. However, some users haven’t used this feature as Zuckerberg and his team intended. Jared McLemore torching himself outside a bar; James M. Jeffrey shot himself in the head; Evil Wuttisan killed her baby daughter; Steve Stephens killed an innocent 74 year old man; Katelyn Nicole Davis, 12 years old, killed herself. All live on Facebook.