Featuring Josh Barrientos, in the main character, and Jason Smith, as his object of desire. The short film talks about love, about the end of a relationship… but in a completely different way than the one we are used to see in the cinema.

The Greek Tolis Alysandratos has composed an amazing soundtrack, and the Spanish Abel Mingarro has managed the visual effects. The Italian Elena Salvagiani has done  quite but important make up, same as the French Simon Pylyser, who has been in charge of the custom. Besides the lovely Maria Tamarit, who has made a wonderful and elegant graphic design for the movie.

Joan Montesinos’ “Butterflies” is calculated, everything in this film is on propose. According to Montesinos, the cinema gives the opportunity to express a story with many resources: “As a director, you can play with the light, the music, the image’s quality and the sound (and sounds) as you want to get the result that you want. The only mistake it’s to think that something is wrong and don’t’ think about why is in that way”

Feel free to have a look to Butterflies Press Book to know more details about this production.